Dental Braces

dental braces services

Braces are the traditional orthodontic treatment that are highly effective for both teens and adults alike. They are used either for cosmetic reasons, mainly to straighten crooked teeth, and for medical reasons such as treating malocclusions (the bite) and overcrowded teeth. Braces will not only help enhance the aesthetics of your smile, but also the function of your teeth. They will also reduce the risks of decay and infection caused by dental anomalies, and reduce the pressure placed on the gum and jaws.

At Smiles Dentistry, we conduct an a thorough orthodontic assessment during your consultation visit which usually includes a digital X-ray to help the dentist obtain a clearer insight of any issues under the gum. The time of treatment depends on the complexity of each case, but normally you will see results within 18-24 months. Our expert dentists will inform you of all the needed details including how to brush and floss with braces and how to take care of your general oral health to achieve the best results.