Thanks, Technology! Dental Veneers Have Changed a Crazy Amount

Dental Veneers

It’s been close to a century since veneers have been brought in to change the dental game, and of course, with time and technology comes drastic changes. The veneers we once learned about no longer exist. Instead, we have improved technological advancements to help make dental veneers more convenient and most definitely more affordable. Let’s take a look at how they’ve changed over time.

The History Behind Dental Veneers

Originally a huge hit in Hollywood to give the illusion of perfection, Dr. Charles Pincus was the man behind the development of usable veneers. Originally, the idea was that there was an acrylic cap to place over the tooth to give the illusion of perfection. The tooth underneath wasn’t removed, just hidden. They were easily removable and caused no damage to the tooth underneath. Then, the improvement of veneers occurred between the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

Normal people that weren’t Hollywood starlets began using dental veneers as a way to make their not-so-great teeth look fabulous. By the time the 1950’s hit, dentists actually bonded these fake teeth to the old teeth, but there was trouble in paradise when they wouldn’t adhere properly. A doctor by the name of Michael Bunocore created a surface on the veneers that would bond much better. Since then, a vast number of improvements have been made for convenience and affordability.

The kind of veneers that are around now began being developed in the 1980’s. The design would provide a more efficient fit and experience for the person wearing them. Whether the patient wanted to look cosmetically better, or they didn’t have their teeth due to medical reasons, veneers were a true game changer – and still are.

The Porcelain Veneers of Today

When working with a dentist today for veneers, you’ll have the option to choose between no-prep veneers or traditional veneers. The difference is that with traditional, your dentist will have to remove some of the enamel from your teeth so that they can receive and adhere much easier – a method that Michael Bunocore originally came up with.

As for no-prep veneers, you don’t have to remove any enamel or teeth to get that gorgeous smile that everyone outside of Hollywood wishes for. They can be fitted directly to your teeth. There are even temporary veneers that you can use in between dental visits to gauge whether you like them or not.

Worried About Chicklet Teeth? Avoid Them at All Costs!

A lot of people shy away from veneers because they don’t want those dreadful “chicklet” teeth. Chicklet teeth are ones that don’t match the rest of the teeth and stand out more than the others because of their size, shape, or color. It’s important that you research a reliable and reputable dentist to ensure they can give you an incredibly natural smile.

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