Orthodontics at a Young Age Mean Less Work Later

early orthodontics treatment

When you pay attention to your teeth and take care of your teeth at a young age, there’s less work that’s needed for later on in life. While this isn’t the case for everyone, it’s been tirelessly proven that your teeth need less work when you’re older if you get things done in your early years.

Open up a yearbook from the 50’s and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The stereotype of thick braces in high-school with head gear was a real problem that teens dealt with. This was primarily because they hadn’t had their teeth taken care of when they were younger. Now that orthodontics has much better technology, kids can get their teeth fixed and perfected before reaching their teens.

Since permanent teeth come in around 10 years of age, it’s imperative that kids get their teeth problems figured out before it’s too late. A doctor at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine states that because there’s a growth spurt during those years for a child, dental care and attention is a valuable necessity.

Making Braces Popular

As we mentioned, those big and clunky braces from the 50’s were a nightmare, and often attributed to the geek stereotype. There are manufacturers now that have put aesthetics at the forefront, right next to performance. If the braces aren’t invisible, they’re boldly coloured and not nearly as unpleasing to look at as braces from prior decades.

When a kid is allowed to choose the colour of the braces, the interactive aspect of this allows them to have a bit more fun, and something to look forward to.

Getting Used to Braces

It’s unfortunate that kids sometimes still get bullied for braces, but they’re becoming much more common at a young age, allowing the kids to be familiarized and desensitized to the idea of having braces. In doing so, they get used to the idea of braces much younger and bullying for them has been vastly reduced.

Early Treatment Means an Easier Time Later in Life

While this isn’t the case for absolutely everyone, when a child’s teeth are treated at a young age, the work that needs to be done as an adult is simplified in a much smoother manner, and dental work is streamlined in the future. In fact, many don’t need any further work done on their teeth once their braces are taken off and their retainers are worn.

It’s imperative that treatment is sought out at an early age to prevent pain, misery, and thousands more dollars of dental work in the future. Getting braces early on can help prevent and reduce issues with crossbites, protruding overbites and front teeth. Reduce pain, and self-consciousness by getting these taken care of for your child at an early age.

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