Advantages Using Invisalign
The Advantages of Using Invisalign

Perfect teeth are what many people dream of having or strive to getting from their local dentist; however, you might not have to have those dread metal braces like you originally once thought. Even though you may have heard bad things about Invisalign through the grapevine, we can assure you that there are many benefits…

Dental Veneers
Thanks, Technology! Dental Veneers Have Changed a Crazy Amount

It’s been close to a century since veneers have been brought in to change the dental game, and of course, with time and technology comes drastic changes. The veneers we once learned about no longer exist. Instead, we have improved technological advancements to help make dental veneers more convenient and most definitely more affordable. Let’s…

Dental Caries
What Are Dental Caries?

You may have heard the term “caries” mentioned when someone is talking about a cavity, and in short – “caries” is the medical term for a cavity. Decay on the tooth is caused by erosion of the enamel on your teeth, which is unfortunately done by acids not taken care of within your mouth. Bacteria…

Routine Dental Checkups
6 Reasons Why Routine Dental Checkups Are Important

Many people think that just because their mouth isn’t in pain and their teeth aren’t loose, that they don’t need a regular dental checkup. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to navigate and diagnose your own mouth. X-rays may be needed to check the pockets underneath the gums, and let you know of any onset periodontal…

Impacted Wisdom Tooth
Think You Have an Impacted Tooth?

In short, an impacted tooth is when there is a blockage stopping a tooth from fully erupting through the gums. Wisdom teeth can easily become impacted because they are teeth that erupt later in life when your mouth is mostly settled. Wisdom teeth come between the ages of 17-21, while they can fully erupt in…

Dental Implants Vs Dentures
Implants vs. Dentures: Which is the Best Choice?

Once permanent teeth are lost due to injury or extraction it is important that they are being replaced to allow you to chew and even speak clearly, as well as the health of your mouth. For many years dentures were the only way to replace lost teeth but now you have another option: Dental implants….

Tooth Sensivity Causes
Having Tooth Sensitivity? Check Out What May Be Causing It

It’s no secret that tooth sensitivity can be triggered by something as small as a temperature fluctuation in your food, but why do your teeth do that exactly? When your teeth are in normal condition, your enamel typically protects it from any sort of pain. This enamel is categorized as a layer of dentin that’s…

Woman Taking Medicine Dental Health
Can Medications Affect the Health of My Mouth?

Just like food can have an affect on your mouth, oral medications can, too. One of the primary problems that come after taking an oral medication is dry mouth. Dry mouth is when your mouth’s saliva glands are not producing enough saliva, making it hard to talk, and generally be comfortable. If the removal of…

wisdom tooth removal tips
Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

There are many people that get their wisdom teeth taken out long before they’re ready to erupt, and in doing so, can save themselves time, trouble, and potentially more money by choosing now, rather than later. however, there are many people that have no issues with their wisdom teeth currently, so why should they have…

tooth plaque bacteria
Plaque Bacteria Removal from Your Teeth

It can be hard to get in those crevices of your teeth, and floss may not always do the trick; however, there are ways you can maximize the removal of plaque bacteria from between your teeth with ease. Effective tooth brushing is one of the primary ways, but finding the right brush is the most…