Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

wisdom tooth removal tips

There are many people that get their wisdom teeth taken out long before they’re ready to erupt, and in doing so, can save themselves time, trouble, and potentially more money by choosing now, rather than later. however, there are many people that have no issues with their wisdom teeth currently, so why should they have them removed?

Some people are born either without wisdom teeth at all, and some don’t have them erupt ever during their lifetime. The reasoning behind the teeth not emerging could be because of a lack of space, or another important reason. Others have flaps over their gums and only partially erupted wisdom teeth, so besides pain, what are other indications that a wisdom tooth might need to be removed?

If you’re someone that has a flap and only a partial amount of the tooth erupted, you should consider getting yours removed due to the flap harboring bacteria. When bacteria accumulates underneath the flap, infection can occur and cause a more painful experience. Furthermore, you might experience irritation, and even a type of infection called pericoronitis. Along with these issues and symptoms, swelling might be at the top of your list, which can be quite uncomfortable for you to eat with.

To stop this from happening, you may be put on medication to get rid of the infection, and then urged to have your wisdom teeth removed. In doing so, you can prevent any further issues when you remove the problem.

When a dentist tells you that you don’t have enough room in your mouth, this means that if the tooth decides to push partially through, you’ll have a bit of your gums open and exposed during the duration of it trying to poke through; however, if there’s no room for it to poke all the way through, you’ll be more susceptible to infection, pain, and swelling. If an infection gets bad enough, it could take a serious and more dark turn than just visiting a dentist.

Make sure to follow through with regular dentist appointments for cleaning, and to get x-rays to see how your wisdom teeth are doing under your gum lines or against your current teeth. If your wisdom teeth come in even at a slight angle, they can cost rot against your other teeth in the future, prompting further infection and the need for multiple teeth to come out at once – not just your wisdom teeth.

Besides periocoronitis, you may suffer from your teeth not being able to fully erupt at all because your other adult teeth are already grown in, and it’s catching underneath. When you don’t have enough room, this tooth doesn’t just stop, it continues to try and push through until the pain is so unbearable, you have to get it taken out.

We suggest that you get x-rays taken of your mouth to see how straight your wisdom teeth are, and to avoid and future infections. Contact Smiles Dentistry at 416-588-8004 today to learn more about removing your wisdom teeth before they erupt and cause issues.